Energy Boosting Food without adding to your inches

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1.       A Good, Tasty , Healthy and Satisfying Breakfast/ Brunch

I always believe in a good, happy and therefore tasty, healthy and satisfying (wholesome) breakfast. For Malaysians, we are always faced with a trade off of tasty but not very healthy food with boring but healthy home prepared kinda breakfast. For example, roti canai, nasi lemak, fried noodles versus healthy versions like whole grain cereals, bread with peanut butter spread etc.

But the trick is like this. Reward yourself during the start of the day. Like me having a set of kaya toast with 2 half boiled eggs and a cup of ‘old fashioned’ coffee will kick start my weekdays. Usually this type of breakfast will bring me to lunch without being hungry or deprived. At mid noon, I might have a protein bar (around 170 to 210 calories) and a cup of coffee. Then around 5 or 6 pm, I will have a chocolate drink to keep my energy high for my evening exercises. Then of course, around 8pm, I will usually have a healthy breakfast with not much carbohydrates. So remember, Eat Breakfast like a Queen/ King.

On weekends, I will have my brunch instead and therefore, huge but not too healthy breakfast like our Malaysian delicacies come into the picture. However, since my weekends are usually very passive, that is, sitting in front of the idiot box (now screen), I don’t feel hunger so early and easily.

2.       Nuts and beans. Roasted peanuts, almonds, green beans and fava beans are good pick me up snacks. However, if possible, when trying to snack them in between meals, drink a lot of water or chinese tea to fill you up.

3.       Coffee/ Chocolate Drink.  No sugar added if possible.  A cup of hot coffee/ chocolate drink will satisfy your cravings for sugar or sugary food. However, limit your intake to one or two cups (200 ml) a day. Can consume it as a pre workout beverage.

4.       Dark Chocolate. Makes you feel satisfied. Contains 54% and more of cocoa.

REMINDER: Whatever you eat and consume, remember moderation is the key. Do not deprieve your self of your favourite food. Reward yourself every now and then but burn it off by exercising for life. There is not short cut to it.


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