Definition of Mesotherapy

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In basic terms, mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure which involves injecting a customized cocktail of substances that can include…

1) vitamins

2) minerals

3) medications

4) amino acids like L-carnitine …just underneath the surface of your skin. ( Invented in the 1950s by a French doctor by the name of Michel Pistor, mesotherapy is becoming an approach with many new innovations. You’ll often hear names like MesoGlowTM, MesoPeelTM, MesoBoostTM and lipodissolve. Each is derived from the basic principles of mesotherapy.

Originally, mesotherapists would puncture the skin with a syringe and inject the treatment solution by hand. Though this process is still used in parts of the world, many mesotherapists are now using specially-made machines (called mesotherapy injection guns). Injection guns are typically handheld electric instruments that use a tube and needle system. One end is a sterilized needle that is attached to a tube filled with a treatment solution.

However, Mesotherapy should not be considered as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Again the General Rule applies. Exercise yourself to health and fitness in the long run. Mesotherapy is just a solution to your current problem.

Side effects: Slight to severe bruising, discomfort and/ or pain might be experienced depending on individuals, medical practioners administering the procedure as well as the coctails used.


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