Easy ways to reduce daily calories

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1. Read the fine print (on labels or menu cards!) When you’re dining out or eating prepared food from chips to some delicacies, you can lose  pounds or still keep a flat tummy after a meal choosing a “light” alternative, such as grilled chicken and salad and will be better if you can find someone to share the dish with you. I find that you will eat lesser and healthier if you can share your portion and at the same time add varieties to your choice.

2. The sweet tooth solution! Eat two to three pieces of dark chocolate or a teaspoon of peanut butter when your crave hit you rather that indulge yourself in an ice cream cone/ stick.

3. Set your alarm every morning and/ or evening! Even a quick and modest kind of activity like walking on a treadmill or cross trainer will burns calories. Make it a regime everyday if possible.

4. Walk or cycle while you prattle talk or watch TV! Next time you’re chatting on the phone, get on your bike or take a walk. Two in one task will benefit you in the long run.

5. Beware the burger bun! Throw away the bun or bread the next time you ordered a burger. Or at least eat only one side of the burger or bun. This will reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

6. Cooking with spray/ little oil! Substitute a vegetable oil spray for one tablespoon of peanut or corn oil.

7. Join the healthy and satisfying snack committee! Healthful snacks make an incredible difference. Swapping a serving of fruit for the usual super cookie or bronwie each week will save you at last 500 calories. And you’ll probably save 1,000 calories since few of us stop at one cookie!

8. The ‘YAM CHA’ or hanging up trap! Ensure your ‘YAM CHA’ activity will replace one of your sit down meals and ensure you do include your calories consumed during the ‘YAM CHA’ as part of your daily meal’s planning.

9. The secret is always have some healthy snacks with you all the time! When healthy snacks are made available anytime, the tendency of indulging in unhealthy and calories laidden food is reduced. You will fill yourself up with your quick and healthy snacks and take your time to look for good food and to eat them slowly in order not to overeat.

10. Said ‘No’ politely to food/ drinks you do not want or enjoy! Like me, I am one of the people who does not enjoy any kinda of liqueur. While my friends are having a great time drinking away during festive seasons or gatherings, they do respect my choice of just having a juice, sodas, or even coffee.


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