Battling with Bulges

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FAT!!!! This is one of my most fearful issue throughout my adult life. I started work at the age of 21 years old, 11 years ago. My first salary receipt had gone to the revenues of one of the top self proclaimed slimming centre in Asia. And my fat/ bulge fighting experience goes through a really long and expensive way cum non successful weight plus inch reduction till now, where I understand and fully understand that keeping the weights off is a long life time process.

How Do I know if your Weight is Healthy?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common measurement to check if you are overweight.

BMI = Weight (kg)/ Height (m) x Height (m)

Proposed Asian BMI Guidelines

Category                                BMI(kg/m2)

Underweight                            <18.5

Normal Weight                        18.5-22.9

Overweight                             23-24.9

Obese                                     >25 

Another way to check if you are overweight is by measuring your waist circumference.A waist measurement greater than 80cm (31.5”) for women and 90cm (35.5”) for men increases the risk of health problems even though you might be within the healthy BMI range group. Reasons for weight gain:

  • Overeating. Calories output is less than calories input.
  • Lack of physical activities.
  • Snacking non-stop out of boredom or stress like me…..
  • Excessive exercise which cause a surge in stress hormone that is cortisol.
  • Many many more…. you can keep be posted though….

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