Salmon Fish Oil – The ultimate Fat Burner

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Quick changes to your supplements popping routines

Salmon Oil (1000mg each capsule)

Go to the nearest pharmacy. Buy yourself a bottle of salmon oil softgel capsules. It usually comes in 1000mg per capsule. Pop 2/ 3 capsules each interval, morning, afternoon and evening either before or after a meal.

Salmon oil? Wouldn’t it make me fatter? If I am on xenical capsules, another fat blocker by Roche, wouldn’t it defeat its purpose? Let me explain the reasons, consequences and the eventual benefits.


According to Dr Perricone in his The Perricone Weight Loss Diet, and most of the health and fitness enthusiasts, Omega -3 fats in salmons and most cold water fish like black cod, tuna and sardines are amazing superfood. Omega-3 fats encourage the burning of fat for energy and discourage storage of fat. Omega-3 fats are good in reducing inflammation which induces weight gain, encourage usage of fats as fuel, improve blood sugar control, stimulates leptin secretion which suppress appetite and burn fat stored in adipose tissue and also assist in reducing LDL which is a bad cholesterol.

For athletics, Omega-3 improves their performance, assist in building stronger and more defined muscles, encourage fat loss and overall physics is improved.


By taking high amounts of Omega-3 initially, the uneasiness is the fishy taste when one burps. However, as taking this healthy fats becomes a routine as well as results are seen slowly in terms of better defined muscles tone as well as reduction in waistline, one will be encourage to take them perpetually. This is through my personal experience.

Also, I personally recommend this brand, natural Factors Salmon Oil 1000mg, a product of Canada and imported by Nuvanta Pte Ltd(Singapore) or Nuvanta Sdn Bhd. Its price is very reasonable and its salmon oil is of high quality. Look for its bonus pack which is really value for money.

Eventual Benefits

When one person eats inflammatory food, the body enters into a state of constant cellular inflammation. Yes, constantly and perpetually unless the person stops or reduces his or her habits of eating. Therefore, stop cellular inflammation and excess body fat will be eliminated automatically. Exercise is the key here. Nothing can be gained, that is fat loss without sufficient physical activity to utilise calories consumed during the day. A 30 minutes cardio exercise such as walking or running on a treadmill, cycling, walking on a cross trainer or elliptical is sufficient for a start.

One’s skin or complexion will appear to be more supple and glowing too. I have been in the aesthetic industry for the last 6 years. Being a really vain person, I do notice my skin is glowing and firmer as the days go by. However, the changes are not overnight. Nothing can be achieved without sufficient patience and hard work. If you are diligent enought by working out at least 30 minutes a day for 5 to 6 days a week, and taking the recommended supplements, I am very sure that results can be seen in a month’s time.

Additional tips for weight loss related to Omega-3

Being a person staying alone on my own, I hardly prepare meals at home. Eating outside or dining out on weekends with friends is one of my favourite times other than spending time in office and working out in gym. When I eat outside, I will usually order fish, whether it is cod, salmon or tuna or some local fishes found in our water. I will try to order grilled, broiled or sometimes even fish fillet covered with bread crumbs(try to avoid those really oily and over-fried fish fillet of course). As long as it is fish and mostly protein, the meal is healthy and will not increase your waistline. Eat with salads or vegetables served as well as some soups will contribute to satisfying the hunger and cravings for more refined carbohydrates such as rice or bread or pasta. These refined carbohydrates will cause sugar spikes and will make you further indulge in unhealthy carbohydrate. Trust me, when you adjust your eating routine to a more healthier and slimmer style, you will automatically adjust to it and stick to it especially when physical changes towards the better is observed.


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