Another Carbs Inhibitor- Cheaters Relief

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Advanced Formula Help Control The Carbs And Fats In Your Diet!

If I had to marry food, I just couldn’t be faithful. I love to eat way too much. Evidently, I’m not alone. “Over-fat” or obesity a national epidemic in this country, Malaysia because of emotional eating and exercise habits, and a never-ending supply of delicious, calorie-rich foods. While you and I know HOW to eat properly, it isn’t always easy to do, nor do we always want to. I’ve often advocated a diet higher in protein and lower in carbs and fat whenever possible. It can work wonders, as it has on many people whom I’ve trained and otherwise consulted.

But the reality is that there will always be that “other 10%” of the time where where my eating plans go haywire. Maybe I’ve had a bad and stressday in my office, a vacation (always a killer), bored, a “crisis” with family or friends, when some festive seasons like Chinese New Year is around the corner, and so on. Or, maybe I’ve got no particular excuse other than I want to give in to my culinary cravings.The bottom line is there is an endless variety of explanations why our diets stop looking like “diets” from time to time. And that’s okay, because if you don’t cheat on occasion, you’ll go freaking crazy. Furthermore, sometimes your body just needs a change of eating habits, just like it needs a change of workout habits.

If you are tired of feeling guilty or depressed about enjoying delicious foods, or you are worried that you will suffer “cosmetic wounds” (fat gain, or loss of shape and definition) in the days that follow your cheating episode, then pops a few Cheaters Relief. Now you can eliminate your guilt and improve your shape and body when you want to be bad! It is what you’ve been wanting and looking for every time you splurge! As what it claims

Carbs Per Meal

Fats Per Meal

15 min. Before Meal

15 min. After Meal



2 capsules

2 capsules



3 capsules

3 capsules



4 capsules

4 capsules

My own experience: I usually will take 2 capsules before a large meal. From the ingredients, I found that it contains mainly chitosan which is a kind of sea shell substance known for its fat binding properties. Other than that, Cheaters relief claims to have other glucose regulator blend which will increase fat oxidisation control appetite cravings and promote suppression of appetite. However, its effectiveness as claimed can yet to be seen on myself but it is a better and cheaper fat binder as compared to Xenical, Roche as I am not a big fan of oily food stuff. However, some people who have allergy with seafood are advised to try this product sparingly first.


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