Couples Dieting

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Losing weight is difficult. It takes healthy eating, exercise, commitment and support. Couples support each other through all sorts of lifestyle changes, such as marriage, a career switch and childbirth, but what about dieting?

When both members are equally motivated to shed pounds, they can support each other and achieve greater weight loss than when they go it alone.Couples should undertake lifestyle changes together. When both resolve to change their lifestyle and their attitude about eating, then it can be a very positive experience — one that will lead to permanent weight loss. Like to share food at each meals will be very encouraging as by doing this, not only can they add variety to the food they eat, but they do eat a smaller portion.

However, if you’re committed to losing weight and living healthy — and your partner isn’t — it can create conflict in the home. If your partner isn’t willing to get on board your boat to better health, don’t give up — try leading by example.

While you can do it alone, teaming up is the best way to change both your lives. Change isn’t easy, and having someone who’s going through the same transformation and working toward the same goals will bring a sense of solidarity to the process.

I am a great advocate of couples doing a lot of things together — and losing weight together is high on the list of course. Walking uphill together, doing yoga in a class can be motivating and romantic at the same time.

Change is inevitable, but it’s nice to have someone there during those uncertain, trying times when you’re struggling for a serious life change.

Changing lifelong habits of poor eating and overindulgence are changes that will dramatically affect the way you live, as well as how long you live, but it’s a difficult transition. Just like any major change, you’ll need support.

Dieting together can be a great way to bring you closer to your partner while achieving a healthier body, but if you don’t keep the lines of communication open and support each other, it can also break apart a shaky relationship. Working together as a couple can create even greater results than going it alone, if you’re both ready.

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Shawn McKee
eDiets Staff Writer


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