Pear Or Apple

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From a glance, people will be able to determine whether you are apple or pear shaped. The most precise way to determine your shape is by using a tape measure.

Get the tape measure and measure your waist and your hips, then come up with the ratio. If you are a pear, then it’s your thighs, butt and hips that show the extra cushion. The more apple shaped you are the larger your waist size is going to be relative to your hips, and the much greater your health risks are when it comes to chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The critical difference between the two shapes lies in the type of fat you have and where it’s stored. Pear-zone fat is passive and actually protects against heart disease, the smaller your waist and the bigger your hips, the smaller your risk of heart disease. Apple-zone fat, on the other hand, is harmful. Apple shaped women have visceral fat, the very active fat. This type of fat is an actual gland that releases chemicals and hormones right to the liver. If too much starts to get stored in the liver and in excess in the abdomen, then their waist size gets larger, their insulin level goes up and inflammation occurs.

While apple-shaped women need to be very careful and alert about the many health risks associated with their body shape, they are not alone. Pear-shaped women also face serious concerns of their own. Osteoporosis, eating disorders, varicose veins and cellulite are all great health concerns for pears. Although pear-zone fat is actually healthy, once it’s there it’s extremely hard to get rid of. The good news for apples is their fat comes off much faster and easier.

Whether you are an apple or pear the best solution to taking control of your health is to follow a nutritious diet, exercise and minimize large amounts of stress.

Women need to throw away the scales and use the tape measure to measure their health. The key is to think about long-term health. This means eating healthy foods. These foods will protect you from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis and that’s what you want.”


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