Carboxy Therapy for cellulite free

March 16, 2008 at 8:21 am 1 comment

Carboxytherapy is another treatment tried six months ago.The simple technique claims to dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite by improving local tissue metabolism and perfusion. Treatments are rapid, but uncomfortable. You will feel the parts being treated balloon as the gas being flowed in by puncture holes made by needles, about 30G.

How is Carboxytherapy being administered? It is a non surgical method. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is infiltrated into the subcutaneous tissue through a tiny 30G needle (0.3mm in diameter). From the injection point, the carbon dioxide diffuses easily into adjacent tissues. Needles will then be held firmly at the respective positions using a surgical tape. The treatment will be administered by the physician throughout of helped by a nurse or assistant and alcohol swaps being wiped at the punctured parts throughout to reduce discomfort.

How does the carbon dioxide work? Carboxytherapy works in two complimentary ways. Firstly, and quite simply carbon dioxide mechanically kills fat cells but supposedly bursting them.

Secondly, it also has a strong vasodilatory effect (causes dilation of blood vessels) on the capillaries in the area. Wider vessels mean bigger and stronger blood flow to the area, which means more oxygen. The increase in oxygen is important because it eliminates the built up fluid from between the cells. The end result is fewer fat cells and firmer subcutaneous tissue. A vast reduction of cellulite can be observed even after two sessions of treatments.

My personal experience

Nevertheless, the treatment is not comfortable. The areas surrounding the injection sites will be inflated for 10 to 20 minutes as CO2 is being infiltrated. The level of comfort will decrease during the procedure.

Between 10 and 20 sessions are necessary to eliminate cellulite. Ideally they should be carried out every other day, although sometimes two or even one session per week will be sufficient due to the level of pain. This will depend on the extent of your cellulite. Each session lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.
After the 5th session you will see that your skin looks noticeably healthier. Around the 8-10 session mark, you will appreciate that your subcutaneous tissue is firmer. Before the treatment program ends you will have firmer, cellulite free skin. From my personal point of view, one will be advised not to sign up a course of treatments. Due to the level of pain and uncomfortableness, one might even give up half way through the process. An alternative way to get rid of cellulite or maintenance programme such as endermologie will be highly recommended. Endermologie is very comfortable and its effectiveness is not any less than Carboxytherapy. Therefore, a person like me who loves to try out all available treatments will only recommend Carboxytherapy to satisfy your curiosity rather than a long term maintenance cellulite reduction programme.

There are no restrictions on any activities after the treatment. Activities can be resumed as soon as possible.


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  • 1. saradarce  |  January 16, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Yes, but on the Endermologie site, it’s claims state the results are temporary.

    You state here that 10-20 sessions of Carboxytherapy will eliminate cellulite, depending on how much one has.

    If the result of Carboxytherapy is elimination, it might be worth 300mins of pain.


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